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Since 2013, we have been helping small and medium-sized businesses across Quebec get noticed on the web. We work with businesses in all fields: construction, accounting, transportation, housekeeping, health, restaurants, etc.

Browse our case studies to see how we help SMBs use the web to improve business results. All thanks to the solid expertise of our team and our top-notch web design and web marketing services.


Two years ago, when Les Toitures MR Inc. contacted us, the company already had a website, but it no longer corresponded to its ambitions and desire for development. After contacting several competitors, Les Toitures MR Inc. chose to trust us to help them achieve their goals: the beginning of a solid professional relationship, based on excellent results and mutual trust!
Les Toitures MR Inc. had the ambition to acquire new customers to develop their activities and increase their turnover serenely. The company relied on us to increase their visibility and reputation on the web to help them!
Proposed solutions:
For Les Toitures MR Inc., the goal was to increase their visibility in their area of activity, namely the Quebec metropolitan region, while highlighting the quality of their work. We strategically opted for natural referencing work, coupled with intelligent paid referencing. We have:
Modernized the design of the company’s website
Proposed relevant and optimized content for natural referencing
Worked on specific keywords to optimize local referencing
Wrote blogs to highlight the company’s skills and achievements
Bet on a well-thought-out Google Ads campaign
A fourfold increase in turnover
The company’s website appears in the top Google results for competitive and powerful keywords
The company’s reputation is on the rise: many new customers contact the company
The company’s Google Ads campaign generated more than 725,000 impressions and more than 26,000 clicks
Nearly 40 well-visible pages on Google, including 9 pages for cities served by Les Toitures MR Inc. and 17 blog pages
What they remember from their experience:
Results up to their expectations
Available and exemplary customer service


Nearly 4 years ago, Mar-Mat Inc. contacted us to help improve their online visibility with a limited budget. They already had a website, which they had designed themselves, but the final result did not meet their expectations nor represent the professionalism of their company. After contacting several competitors who offered solutions that were too expensive for the company, they contacted Shortkut and we were able to offer them a turnkey solution while respecting their budget.
Mar-Mat Inc. had fairly simple and clear objectives: they wanted to establish their credibility, improve their online visibility, and clearly present their services to potential clients. They needed a professional, well-designed, clear, and functional website, all without exceeding their budget.
Proposed Solutions
Our challenge was to propose a relevant, effective, and economical solution! We wanted to highlight the excellent work of these office furniture installation professionals, but also improve their online visibility to attract new clients. We:
Created a modern, complete, and aesthetic website
Proposed relevant content optimized for natural referencing and representative of the values of Mar-Mat Inc.
Worked on specific keywords to improve their local referencing
A professional and compelling website
Increasing notoriety in their sector
Increased conversion rates
New clients
What they remember from their experience
Simplicity and efficiency!


In 2018, Paysagiste Andryves already had an excellent reputation in their field. Certified by the Association of Professional Landscapers of Quebec, the company commissioned us to modernize their website and showcase their creations. Mission accomplished!
Paysagiste Andryves wanted a new website, more aesthetic and better referenced, which would allow the company to attract new customers, particularly in Lanaudière and on the North Shore of Montreal, by highlighting the work done. The objective was therefore to gain visibility to increase the company’s sales!
Proposed solutions:
For Paysagiste Andryves, we wanted to highlight the excellent work done by the company in a relevant and useful way. The objective was therefore to improve the visibility of Paysagiste Andryves in its fields of activity, to allow it to obtain new customers. We have:
Strengthened the company’s local referencing by working on specific and powerful keywords
Designed a modern and up-to-date website
Improved the user experience with smooth navigation
Added a page dedicated to submissions to facilitate conversions
Created a “creations” space to showcase the work done by the company, notably with very telling before/after
Written a blog and city pages to increase the visibility of the website and showcase the company’s skills
The website is among the top search results on Google for powerful keywords
More than 55,000 visitors
Over 115% increase in traffic to the company’s website
New customers!
What they remember from their experience
Available customer service
Quality support
A true collaboration!



When they contacted us, Services Eco Extermination had a functional website, but they wanted to take it to the next level with a more professional website to establish their credibility and develop their business. Since our collaboration in 2018: it’s done!
Services Eco Extermination wanted to expand an existing website with useful content that could improve their web ranking and enhance their company’s professionalism. Their goal was to modernize their image to gain visibility and notoriety.
Proposed solutions:
To meet the expectations of Services Eco Extermination, we knew we had to offer them qualitative and convincing solutions! We wanted to highlight the quality of their services and offer them significant visibility and notoriety. We:
Designed a modern website for them.
Improved the user experience of their website.
Focused on natural referencing work to highlight their many services.
Wrote optimized blog pages for SEO, which allowed them to establish themselves as a reference in their field.


The company ranks among the top search results on Google
More traffic to the website
Increased conversion rate