Share your Shortkut,
it pays.

Did you enjoy taking the road to success with us?

Refer us to your friends today! Not only will we get them into pole position with our “Share your Shortkut” referral program, but we’ll also have the pleasure of rewarding you. Get a free month on your Local Pass package when you next renew on our arm!!!! 😱

It’s simple and straightforward:


You tell a friend about us


Your friend gives us your name when making a purchase


We give you a free month on your next renewal


For you:

  • Be an active Shortkut customer.
  • Be up to date with payments at the time of application of the “Share your Shortkut” program.

For your friend:

  • Must be a new Shortkut customer when signing the contract and mention your name.


Do you meet all the eligibility requirements?

We’ll give you a free month on your Local Pass package the next time you renew, and on our arm!!!! 💪

Receiving the reward

To qualify for a free month on our arm at your next renewal, the person you refer must:

  • Meet the above eligibility requirements
  • Sign a Local Pass contract
  • Indicate your name at the time of purchase
  • Make an initial payment of the fees specified in your contract


Nah, just kidding!!! 😝

There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer! For every person referred who adheres to the program conditions: you get one month free on our arm.