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The Ignition


Do you want to shine on the web without breaking the bank? With “The Ignition”, it’s finally possible! Specially designed for small businesses and first-time entrepreneurs, our all-inclusive package is perfect for small budgets, with no compromise on quality and no hidden fees!

The lightest price on the market

Do you have plenty of dreams in your office cupboards, but a limited budget? We understand! It’s quite a challenge for a young company to keep its budget in the green.

At Shortkut, we’ll give you a helping hand with a customized package, perfect for getting started on the web without breaking the bank.

The Ignition is for you if :

You don’t have a website yet.

If you’re a local company looking for visibility in your local market, that’s easy!

Above all, you want the lowest price on the market, but not at any price 😉

Get started on the web without worries and ensure a successful ignition on the web. Our web pilots will accompany you on the road to success throughout your digital adventure!

Start your digital adventure with The Ignition!

Our team takes the wheel of your web project, freeing you to concentrate fully on your business.

In addition to our loooong all-inclusive list, you’ll also get :

THE IGNITIONIdeal for those just starting out on the Web.$99per month for 12 months THE STARTIdeal for a fast and affordable solution.$199per month for 12 months THE TURNIdeal for those ready to solidify their online presence.$399per month for 12 months