Accueil $ SEA $ Landing pages: a guide to writing yours like a pro!

Landing pages: a guide to writing yours like a pro!

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Although carefully, your Google Ads campaign may not be achieving the expected success? There is nothing more frustrating, but do not lose hope just yet! As long as you can identify the problem, it is entirely possible to quickly remedy the situation. In this regard, we can assist you!

More often than not, the issue can be traced back to your landing pages. Designed to help you convert, they are your most valuables assets in turning your visitors into actual customers. However, even the best advertising campaigns can be undermined by poorly thought-out landing pages Fortunately, we are here to help you!


For flawless landing pages, follow our guide:

    1. What is a landing page?
    2. What are the key elements of a landing page?
    3. What content makes a good landing page?
    4. What is the significance for you Google Ads Campaigns?
    5. Why should you hire professionals?

What is a landing page?


Do you want to create memorable landing pages? You will need to master your subject perfectly! So, let’s go back to the basics. These pages are web pages that visitors arrive at by clicking on a link in :

  • A newsletter 
  • A call to action posted on social media 
  • Or even, an advertising campaign


Their objectives are to convince the use to perform a specific action, often related to a conversion, such as:

  • Purchasing a product, booking a service;
  • Subscribing to newsletter;
  • Or requesting a quote;

They must be designed in a way that encourages the user to take the desired action by highlighting compelling elements such as:

  • Attractive promotional offers
  • Simplified contact forms
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers;
  • Or interesting selling points

To maximize your conversion chances, your landing pages must be clear, coherent and attractive.

What are the key elements of a landing page?


A good landing page should contain the following key elements:

  • A catchy title: Your title should be clear, concise, and impactful to work and be able to capture your visitor’s attention. It must be relevant, meaning it should accurately reflect the offer and promising, meaning it should clearly highlight the added value you provide. Do not hesitate to be creative and original to stand out from your competitors: wordplay, questions, statistics or amusing expressions. Everything is allowed to capture the visitor’s attention.


  • A clear description of the offer: For your landing page to be effective, it must include a clear and detailed description of what you offer. Make sure you explain precisely and its various features. Do not hesitate to provide reassurance, especially by offering customer testimonials or case studies.
  • Consistent calls to action: Your Call to Action (CTA) should be in line with the offer and match your visitors’ expectations. It should be also concise and impactful. Make sure your CTAs are clearly visible on your page and do not hesitate to create a sense of urgency by using terms like ‘now’, ‘don’t wait’ or ‘available only today’.

What content for a landing page?


Often, our clients underestimate the importance of quality writing, and that’s a mistake! To convince, your landing page must offer well-written and relevant content. Taking care of your writing will not only help you persuade your visitors of your company’s seriousness and the quality offer but also improve your SEO, and, therefore, your web visibility.

What is the benefit for you Google Ads campaigns?


The goal of a Google Ads campaign is to generate clicks to your landing pages, but converting is the role of your landing pages! If your landing pages are poor, unconvincing, or simply poorly designed, you will not convert your visitors into customers, and your investment will be less profitable. Having good landing pages that are consistent, relevant, and impactful is the key to successful Google Ads campaigns!

Why hire professionals?


You have understood that creating good landing pages is not that simple! It is a rewarding but demanding and energy-consuming task. Are you short on time, skills or employees? Contact a web agency! Our web professionals are at your service to assist you in the design of your Google Ads campaigns. Feel free to give us a call.

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