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How to choose the right visuals for your website?

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Do you want to gain better visibility and improve your reputation? Having a website is a great idea! However, for it to fulfill its purpose, it needs to be efficient and well-designed. In order to make a website perform well, there are several factors to consider, and one of these factors is visuals.

Visuals are an essential element that can truly add valuer to your website, provided they are chosen wisely! To help you understand this better, we have prepared a detailed article that gathers our best pieces of advice on choosing the right visuals for your website.

  1. Visuals: why are they necessary for your website?
  2. How to choose the right visuals for your website?
  3. Boost your web presence with the power of high-quality visuals!

Visuals: why are they necessary for your website?

Given the numerous advantages they can provide, it is essential to incorporate visuals into your website. These elements can:

  1. Boost your SEO

Yet, it is crucial to know that Google can not only read the text content of your pages but also the visuals! High-quality visuals will earn you points and increase your chances of appearing prominently in search results.

Our little extra tip: remember to provide a title for the image and include an alternative text if you want to optimize your visuals and have a positive impact on your SEO.

  1. Enhance user experience

Visuals play an essential role in optimizing the user experience for visitors to your website. Images illustrate your website, capture your visitors’ attention, and make it easy for them to navigate your website without getting lost in a sea of text.

Reminder: make sure you carefully work on the final layout of your website to alternate between images and text, thus creating a cohesive and aesthetic design.

  1. Establishing yourself as an expert in your field

Relying on the publication of visuals to position yourself as an expert is a great idea, especially if your field of activity involves various projects or product manufacturing. It is an excellent opportunity to show your visitors what you are capable of.

In order to do so, choose high-quality photos, taken with care and professionalism. Then, it is up to you to decide whether to dedicate a page to them or to insert them here an there to illustrate your entire website.

How to choose the right visuals for your website?

There are two aspects to consider in order to carry out this mission successfully and make the right choices, namely: the technical aspects and the aesthetic aspect. Let us explain: 

  1. The technical aspect

When choosing the visuals to put on your website, never neglect their technical qualities. This is what will enable your website to function optimally and perform well. Your visuals should therefore include the following criteria:

  • High definition: It is essential to publish images with optimized resolution to fulfill their function perfectly. High quality will support your professionalism.
  • Right format: All the visuals should be in the right format in order to avoid slowing down the   download speed. This tip will also speed up the response time of your pages.
  • Compression: Consider compressing the visuals you use to optimize navigating on your website. There are numerous tools you can use to reduce the image size.
  • Licences : When choosing visuals to integrate, opt for those that are free of rights or whose rights 8belong to you. It is illegal Lo use copyrighted images! Use royalty-free image banks.
  • The file type: It is one of the factors that you should consider when choosing the visuals for your website. To put it simply, PNG format is ideal for anything graphic (design or logo). JPEG is perfect for photos because it preserves the colors. There is also WebP to consider.

  1. The aesthetic aspect

Despite the crucial role of the technical aspect, the aesthetic aspect is also of great importance. That is why we are sharing with you the criteria to consider:

  • Dimensions: This is an important criterion if you want to enhance the aesthetic value of your website. Choose the right angles and dimensions for each of your images.
  • Originality: one of the qualities your visual should have is originality. It is the criterion that helps spark the attention of the web users and even convert a maximum of potential customers.
  • Coherence: the visuals you want to choose for your website should be coherent in order to respect the main theme. Thus, you should choose images with a set of colors suitable for the design of the website.
  • Relevance: it is not about integrating random images, but choose those related to your professional activity. This is what makes the visuals aesthetically relevant.
  • Conviction: the visuals you choose for your website should highlight your services and works. It is their commercial role that helps enhance your brand image.

Boost your web with the power of high-quality

If you have finally decided to create your website, you are now aware of the importance of choosing the visuals you’ll integrate into it. It is a whole process based on respecting various technical and aesthetic criteria that lead to the desired outcome: optimizing your website and attracting several new potential customers interested in the services you offer.

Do you want to learn more about how to make your website perform well? Sign up for our webinar; it is free!

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