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What is the best time to create your company’s website?

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Are you considering giving your company a website? It is a great idea: creating a website is a valuable tool for improving your online visibility and ensuring your longevity. However, creating a website should not be taken lightly as obtaining a professional and effective website requires effort and time. So, it is better to be prepared! But then, when is the best time to create a website for your business? Whether you have just established your company or have several years of experience, the answer is the same: now, and as soon as possible! Here is why:

  1. Search Engine Optimization takes time
  2. Attracting new customers
  3. Building your online presence
  4. Bonus: recommendations for a successful start!

SEO delivers results, but on a long-term basis!

If you want to give your company a website, it is probably with the hope of attracting new customers. However, for potential new customers to find you, your website must be well optimized. In other words, it should appear in a good position in Google and other search engine results. To achieve this, you have two options:

  • Organic SEO which is obtained by following specific SEO criteria and providing high-quality web content.
  • Paid advertising (Pay-Per-Click) that can be achieved through paid advertising campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or others), but they will not work effectively without organic SEO.

As you have understood, creating high-quality content is now the key to success in web optimization. That is why you should create your website as soon as possible: unlike paid advertising, organic SEO takes time and consistent effort to work. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results!

A high-performing website can attract new customers

Creating a website means offering your company a showcase. The better the quality of your content and the more your services are highlighted, the greater your chances of converting visitors into customers! If you want to attract new customers, expand your business and increase sales, it is in your best interest to accelerate the creation of your website.

Building your online reputation is possible!

Nowadays, few customers are willing to trust a company that does not have a website. By delaying the creation of your website, you lose the trust of potential customers! A well-designed, high-performing website optimized for SEO will quickly help you gain recognition and increase your sales.

Our recommendations to get started

The best time to create a professional website is always now! However, that does not mean you should rush into it without thinking and preparing. Before you get started, here are some recommendations to begin your website creation and optimize your efforts:

Make sure your business is well defined: as mentioned, optimizing your website will require time and investment. So, do not work in vain. Before creating your website, make sure you know where you want to take your business. What services do you want to highlight? Who is your target audience? Where are your potential customers located? What are your business development goals? Once you have these answers, you are ready to start creating your website.

Create your Google My Business Listing: This free tool provided by Google for local SEO is a valuable asset. It will help people looking for your services to find you quickly when they are in your geographic area. It will serve as the foundation for your online presence.

Contact a web agency: There is nothing better than the guidance of real web specialists to start well! Entrust the design of your website to a web agency, and you will benefit from a professional, optimized, and high-performing website. So, give us a call.

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