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7 reasons why entrusting the creation of your website to a relative is a bad idea!

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You want to launch your business on the web, or perhaps you would like to refresh an existing website, and you are considering entrusting the creation of your new website to a relative? It is understandable: the idea seems appealing! It is an opportunity to support a friend and, most importantly, to save some money. Nevertheless, entrusting the creation of your website to a relative is a risky bet that could end up costing you dearly. We will explain why with 7 reasons why you should never entrust the creation of your website to a friend but rely on an experienced web professional:


  1. Your friend is probably not a web expert
  2. You need someone reliable
  3. You need someone creative
  4. You need a secure website
  5. You need optimal search engine optimization
  6. You need long-term support
  7. Your relationship could suffer

1 – Your friend is probably not a web expert


No matter how willing and resourceful your friend may be, are you really certain that they have the professional skills and expertise required to help you realize your project? Creating a website requires the efforts and knowledge of several web professionals, and trying to be a web content writer, web designer, and web developer all at once is not within everyone’s reach.

2 – You Need Someone Reliable


Even if your friend assures you that they have time to dedicate to your project, be aware that creating a website is a much more complex endeavour that one might think. Stay cautious. If your friend already has a full-time job, it is quite possible that their schedule is already busy, leaving them with free time to dedicate to your project. However, you need to be able to rely on them to meet the promised deadline and deliver a quality website. Contacting a web expert provides you with guarantees.

3. You Need Someone Creative


On the web, competition among businesses is tough. You need someone creative who is well versed in the latest web design trends and can create a unique, personalized website that can help you stand out from the crowd. Are you sure your friend can help you outperform your competitors? Because, at Shortkut, that’s our specialty!

4 – You Need a Secure Website


To protect against viruses and cyberattacks, your website needs to be secure. If you want to safeguard your data and that of your customers. It is crucial to entrust the creation of your website to a professional capable of implementing effective security measures. This is especially important if you plan to process payments through your new website.

5 – You need optimal Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


If you want to achieve your goals, your new website needs to be well optimized for search engines, such as Google, which involves having customized, unique, and search engine-friendly content. Otherwise, your new website will not be visible. Entrusting the creation of your website to a web expert also ensures they know how to adhere to all the rules that will help your website rank in Google search results.

6 – You Need Long-term Support


You want to attract new customers, showcase your services, or improve your company’s visibility. Your new website can help you achieve your goals, but for that, it is important that you can regularly update and maintain it. This is a process that takes time. Therefore, make sure that your friend, like a true web expert, is ready to support and assist you in the long run.

7 – Your Relationship Could Suffer


A web expert provides you with quality and delivery time guarantees, which is not the case when you turn to a friend. If the expected results are not achieved, you may become frustrated, and your friend might be offended, potentially affecting your relationship. Are you willing to take this risk?

Take no chances! At Shortkut, we promise simplicity and efficiency at an affordable price. Let us simplify your web presence.

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