Accueil $ Tips $ Why is creating a Google My Business listing essential for a local business?

Why is creating a Google My Business listing essential for a local business?


Building visibility on the web is becoming increasingly challenging for Quebec businesses. That is why it is essential to make use of all the tools at our disposal, starting with those that are offered for free!

Specially designed to meet the needs of local businesses, Google My Business listing helps improve local SEO by appearing, especially on Google Maps. It includes important information such as address, opening hours, and phone number, making it for users to locate you with just a few clicks. It is a powerful tool that should not be overlooked! Here is why:

  1. A showcase on the web for your business
  2. A powerful tool for local SEO 
  3. Simply display all your essential information
  4. Improve your online reputation
  5. A tool tailored for mobile search

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Google My Business Listing: an online showcase for your business 

Developed by search engine giant engineers, Google My Business Listing is designed to provide an online presence for businesses of all sizes, sectors, and financial means. Its goal is to function as a true business showcase, displaying all essential information:

   Opening hours

–   Lists of services offered


  Contact information

  Business description

Even the smallest businesses can afford some visibility at least locally! So, why miss out?

Google My Business Listings appear in top local search result!

While it may not directly impact your website’s SEO, a Google My Business listing is a powerful tool for local SEO

Google aims to provide the most relevant results to users, prioritizing results from its own tools. This places your Google My Business Listing above websites in search results when users search for your services in your geographic area. This is a great advantage for you and other businesses, making it easier to appear in the top results for local searches. Your Google My Business Listing will also show up on Google Maps, allowing users to easily locate you and view your opening hours and other essential information at a glance.

Google My Business Listing: An excellent tool to display information clearly

Displaying essential information clearly is the main strength of a Google My Business Listing! With a well-thought-out design that prioritizes and clarifies essential information, businesses can rely on effective local SEO. Users who consult a Google My Business Listing have all the information they need to obtain your services or products within seconds.

Google My Business Listing: A great way to improve your online reputation

A Google My Business Listing is also an excellent way to manage your online reputation, as it allows customers to leave a rating and a comment on the quality of your services. While these ratings and reviews may not affect your website’s SEO, they can still make a difference in a purchasing decision compared to your competitors. Take the time to respond to them, even when they are negative.

Google My Business Listing: Particularly Suitable for Mobile Search

Google My Business Listings are designed to display optimally on smartphones and tablets! This is a significant advantage, considering that currently, over 58% of global internet traffic comes from mobile phones. This optimization is excellent for local SEO, as it allows potential customers to easily find you from their phones at any time, especially when they are in your geographic area.

In short, if you want to improve your local SEO and optimize your position in search results, creating a Google My Business Listing is indispensable. To go further in improving your web SEO, do not hesitate to contact us! Specializing in the local SEO of businesses, our web solutions adapt to all your needs, from website design to customized SEO strategies.

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